Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well, when I created this blog I wanted to find and try to make inspirational points. However, I can find none.

To summarize:

1. The only Immigrants our Country doesn't like are children. (I am guessing this is because they are not of proper voting age.)

2.Obviously the most dangerous sexual predators are mentally handicapped. (It must be true, why else would he have gotten so many consecutive years.)

3. Meanwhile, competent adults, who we have decided should be responsible for the education of our youth.

On a lighter note, I thought my 3 year old was a quick learner, but obviously he has nothing to this guy's kid.

Over at some other place There was some discussion of new words, and the one millionth word "Web 2.0" in the dictionary. Sage Words thinks it is ironic that this isn't even a word. I would disagree. There are many words in the Dictionary that are more than one word. SEE! I would even go as far and say that someone would say this is one of the top 5 most important words in the English language.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, I have spent almost all of my time for the past 2 days after work trying to get the NVIDIA 3D video drivers installed for Fedora 11, which was just released on Tuesday (Fedora is a type of Linux, a cousin of UNIX which is a different way to run a computer for those who don't know). It is quite silly that I am really trying, because there are few 3D games that are built for Linux, it is really just a matter of a computer kicking my butt. I don't like it.

Anyway, I need to stop and get back to reality. I was over looking at Sage Words and just doing a quick look at his past posts I noticed a reference to the greatest show about a Judge and a Court which happened at night made in the 1980's.

I assume the joke is that if we need a supreme court judge why not just some joker who does silly magic tricks (There are no silly magic tricks). (But to be honest, who really knows how Sage's humor works)

I found a deeper humor in this image. If you didn't know, Harry Anderson first showed up on Cheers, a year before Night Court began, as Harry "The Hat". This Con-Man character was Harry Anderson's character for his performance of the street magician, prior to him being on T.V.

I would say that it is Harry "The Hat" that is more appropriately fit for the Supreme Court, not Harry "The Judge". It is simple; the lying, cheating, take your last penny con-man IS Washington D.C. While they may look like honest business man, they are just trying to sell you some of this.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let it begin.

So, I have sat back and listened, watched and complained to friends and family about the way things have been going in our country. It is time to take bring my thoughts to the masses and see if anyone wants to chime in.

To start, there was a resent report about an incident in San Diego, check it out here.

I will talk about more of this soon, I will let you stew on it.

Also, there is another blogger on the INTERWEBS called Sage Words, or is it Dethwombat? Hard to tell, as is much of this ramblings. He is currently having a battle with another blogger, so I decided to make it a three way death match. We shall see. He lives over here, if you want to see how it all begins...